Patients Speak

Mr And Mrs Khatri (Jaipur)

सेवा में, शरीमान मैनेजर साहब, सोनी मणिपाल, अंकर, विदयाधर नगर, सेकटर-5, मेन सीकर रोड, जयपर महोदय, मैंने आपके यहां से IVF/ ISCI करवाया है, जिससे कि मे और मेरी Wife को संतान परापत हई है। अभी वो परेगनेंट है और 3 तीन बचचे हैं। 8 Week के सभी सकशल हैं। मे यहां के डाॅकटर साहिबा डाॅ. शिखा जी के दवारा Treatment मिला, जिससे कि हम संतषट हैं और मखय बात यहां का सटाफ बेहद अचछा है। इनका वयवहार और कारय कौशल बहत अचछा लगा और Treatment के दौरान इनहोंने हमारा साथ दिया और दिमागी तौर पर विशवास बनाया, जिससे हमें Treatment के दौरान विशवास और भी मजबूत हआ और आखिर में हमें IVF/ ISCI के दवारा संतान परापत हई।

Mr. And Mrs. Sharma (name Changed) (Jaipur)

My wife has completed her 3rd month of pregnancy few days back and she is doing fine. This ultimate pleasure would not have been possible without the support and treatment of the entire team. Your team made this possible. I don't think my the words written would be sufficient enough ever to express our gratitude and indebtedness towards you and your team for this happiness. It was a fantastic experience for my wife to feel the warmth of motherhood. I am waiting for the day when I can come and meet you in person soon, offer you a Thank You Card and share few moments of joy with your team. Thank you once again.

Mr And Mrs Dixit (name Changed) (Jaipur)

Our family doctor referred us to Manipal Fertility for consultation. At this center, we experienced a systematic, scientific and professional approach in a friendly environment.

Mr. And Mrs. Bhatt (name Changed) (Jaipur)

Seven years of agony ended and doors of motherhood opened out to me after consultations at Manipal Fertility. Don't have enough words to thank everyone at Manipal Fertility.

Mr And Mrs Joshi (name Changed) (Jaipur)

This hospital (Manipal Fertility) has come up with great results. Many childless couples have got success in this hospital. Our own experience at Manipal Fertility has been very good. We have been trying to conceive for many years.