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Mr. & Mrs. Yogi (Bangalore)

You instilled hopes in us.
You made our days of sadness, aching of the past.
We saw confidence in your eyes.
We heard conviction in your voice.
We experienced genuine interest and care in all our interactions.

Mr. & Mrs. Rahman (Bangalore)

We are delighted to have undergone our IVF at manipal fertility who enables us to be blessed with a baby girl. Very desiccated and professional team of doctor and nurses / office staff ever smiling extremely helpful.
We have no words to express our sincere gratitude to dr. Nirmala (a godsend for us ) and dr. Varsha as well all the best manipal fertility members may you all have more success in future love and regards

Mr. & Mrs. Pushkar (Bangalore)

Dear dr. Nirmala you were god sent angel to us. We thank god and you. Praying god to give you long life and happiness.

Mr. & Mrs. Srivastav (Bangalore)

Thank you so much for giving us our miracle baby. We traveler from far for our dreams to come true. We will never forget you we hope 2015 is a great year for you and all the staff at advanced fertility center.

Mr. & Mrs. Mehra (Bangalore)

Thank You!!! For making our dream come true!
Our sincere thanks to Dr. Bina Vasan and Dr. Shashidhar for their great assistance and treatment during the course of IUI. Getting the success at the first attempt of the cause was such a great relief.
We appreciate the way you handled the entire procedure with utmost care. Dr. Bina Vasan thank you so much for handling it so gently and giving us a ray of hope in our life. I am so happy for getting conceived in the first attempt of IUI.
We would also thank the entire staff of Manipal fertility for being so friendly and their care. The atmosphere of the hospital is very good and well maintained which adds up to the confidence in treatment. We are very much happy to recommend this hospital for the needy.

Mr. & Mrs. Prakash (name changed) (Bangalore)

Dr. Bina Vasan and staff are very friendly and each consultation giving very hope and optimistic. Since last 4 years trying to get conceive. But did not get the result. But after consulting Dr. Bina Vasan and Dr. Shashidhar. Within 2 months we got success. Because of their treatment. Finally thankful to Manipal Fertility team especially Dr. Bina Vasan and Dr. Shashidhar.

Priyanka Gupta (name changed) (Bangalore)

We are started IVF treatment on January 1st and I conceived on January 31st. Thanks to Dr. Bina Vasan and Manipal Fertility staff they are very friendly and supportive.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy (name changed) (Bangalore)

We come here with a lot of hopes of becoming parents and our hopes have been fulfilled with God’s grace and your services. We thank Dr. BinaVasan, Dr. Roopa and others in the team for taking good care of us and being there for us when we needed most. Our experience in the hospital was great and I wish you continue the same. Thank you very much! Wishing you lots of successful years ahead!

Mr.Raju (name changed)(Bangalore)

Doctor Vasan suggested me this therapy. In the beginning I had a dilemma whether to undergo this therapy or not and how does it work? and so on. Later I made my mind to undergo this therapy. Treatment affect can be observed after 2 or 3 reactions. The service was good and the treatment worked on. After 3 reactions I could observe erection in penis.

Mr. & Mrs.Pandey (name changed) (Bangalore)

I am really so happy. I was came this hospital in Jan and this month only my all test was done and next month Feb my treatment was started and I got result on March 7th. Really it’s very very quick results I got. I am very much thankful of this hospital. This kind of hospital really much more worth. Daily so many time I was thinking like when I should become a mother but after come to this hospital my all dreams come true. I am thankful to Rupamaam and Binamaamand whole staffs because they are really very humble. Once more thank you so much “MANIPAL FERTILITY”, you are a “ROCKSTAR”.

Mr. & Mrs. Shenkar (name changed) (Bangalore)

Our experience at Manipal fertility (Rajajinagar) has been an extremely happy one. Starting from the initial consultation process to the final sign of before we returned to the UK, we found the doctors very reassuring and comforting. As well as extremely informative. At all times, we had our questions answered with a lot of sensitivity & patience. The support staff working on the wards & especially on the front desk have also been ever so supportive and we believe that we have made some very good friends for life. We would like to finish by saying a very big thank you to the entire team at Manipal Fertility for seeing us through what we had originally expected to be a very difficult time.

Mr. & Mrs. Jain (name changed) (Bangalore)

Dear Hospital visitors we would inform you that, the manipal Fertility is one of best fertility center for both Male & female problems. Our married life 17 years (40 & 35) & we are struggling to have parenthood. We tried various hospital at Bangalore, Sholapur & many other places also but no use, we heard from different opinion from various doctors says some time problem with me & some time with my wife, we are totally confused. Some doctors carried over the Laparoscopic surgery which is not required & given fertility treatment but not successful.

Mr. Rai (name changed) (Bangalore)

Dear Dr.Vasan,
I am residing in Bellary. Visiting to Manipal Fertility Dr.Vasan Sir, I was very depressed about my personal life ,how & where to discuss my problem. By my friend told me to get an advice from Dr.Vasan Sir Manipal Fertility. Now I am very happy & satisfied in my personal & sexual life. Really Thank You Thank you & more thank you Sir, Dr.Vasan Sir. By Gods grace may your service glow like rocket, thank you sir once again.

Mr. & Mrs. Joshi (name changed) (Bangalore)

Dear Dr.Vasan,
Trust things are very well with you.
I wanted to inform you that me and my wife have been successful in our attempt to have a child. After my surgery (varicosile) on 16-April-2013(approx) , we returned to Australia. And I started taking all the prescribed tablets after surgery. I did have some sharp chill/pain at times. But after keeping ice pack for 20mins per day, within 2 to 3 days around 1st week of May, the pain disappeared. Also that now when I work out in gym, I don’t get any pain which I used to get during heavy weight training. So it has made a real difference to me. Read more..

Mr. & Mrs. Rao (name changed) (Bangalore)

Dear Dr. Vasan S S /Dr. Bina Vasan/ All staff at Manipal Fertility
We are happy to see a positive pregnancy result, it has really been a wonderful experience, having come here, we are very lucky to have met Manipal Fertility staff without whom we don’t know where would have landed. Seeing the perfect methodical and procedural approach of the doctors here we are very confidant from the beginning that we were going to succeed, didn’t even dream it would be so soon.
Thank’s once again to all the Manipal Fertility family. Especially to Dr. Vasan S S and Dr. Bina Vasan who took special care of us both.

Mr. Anand & Mrs. Tania (name changed) (Bangalore)

Respected Dr. Bina Vasan,
Thanks a ton for all your help and care for the past 6 months. My wife is expecting. It would not have been possible without the focused and dedicated approach of you, Dr. Vasan, Dr. Manju, Dr. Sreejana and the entire team of skilled nurses.

Mr. & Mrs. Mittal (name changed) (Bangalore)

The Great Team in Manipal Fertility (Especially Dr. Bina Vasan)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team in Manipal Fertility (Whitefield) on the journey me and my wife had. It was almost 2 years we have been trying (1.5 years in UK) to conceive , mostly disappointments , one fine day one of my friend referred us to Manipal Fertility (2 months ago) every day passed we started feeling positive, thanks to Dr Santosh Gupta who exhibited tremendous skills in guiding us with right directions and being upfront in her communications, me & my wife rest assured we were in safe hands, today we are excited and out of words to say that we are expecting out first baby after the first IUI.Read more..
Thanking you,
One happy Couple

Mr. & Mrs. Pal (name changed) (Bangalore)

Though there were several difficulties during the treatment, god helped us through Dr Beena. It was her soothing words and blessed hands which encouraged us a lot. Thanks to Manipal Fertility team.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharat (name changed) (Bangalore)

When I heard the word ” You are now pregnant “, I was overjoyed and thrilled. As the name indicates Manipal Fertility brings dreams and gives real happiness to childless couples. Doctors here are very dedicated and provide absolute professional service.

Mr. & Mrs. Menon (name changed)(Bangalore)

For five years we could not get the pearl of a child in our family life. We approached Dr Beena. In three cycles, she was able to clear the clouds bring sunshine in our life. Grateful thanks.

Mr. & Mrs. Veerkrishna (name changed) (Bangalore)

To give feedback about this hospital, one page will not be sufficient. We are a doctor couple and we were referred to Dr Beena. With her help and guidance I was able to conceive on the first attempt itself. Kind and supportive staff. Whole hearted thanks to the entire Manipal Fertility team.

Mr. & Mrs. Mahajan (name changed) (Bangalore)

After a struggle of 6 yrs , hope arouse in the form of Manipal Fertility, where we met 3 great human beings Dr.Beena Vasan, Dr.S.S Vasan, and Dr.Veena Yalaburgi, who played the role of God in our life and gifted us – PARENTHOOD.

Tripura (Bangalore)

I am Tripura suffering from PCOD I had tried to conceive an year before coming to Manipal Fertility, I took 2 months of treatment here and I got to know that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am very much happy as I came to know I will be a mommy soon. Dr. Nirmala is very efficient and rest of the staff at Manipal Fertility is very friendly. Thank you very much to everyone for the suppor

Mrs. Shilpa (Bangalore)

It was a great experience. We were planning for a second child for nearly 4 months; we were suggested to visit Dr.Nirmala. When we met her she was very supportive and filled with positivity. The staff at Manipal Fertility is very supportive The doctor suggested IUI. The first time itself it was very positive, it’s a wonderful feeling. I thank the doctor and the staff at Manipal Fertility for their support. Thank you for giving us the happiness of pregnancy once again. God bless you and carry on the good work.

Mr. & Mrs. Nayak (Bangalore)

We are thankful and delighted to have received the joy of parenthood. We have been without child for six years now, we had IVF’s in Chennai, Kolar & many centers, without positive results, had to bear, the pain of scans, Laparoscopy and failed IVF’s. From day one, Manju madam and staff here have been outstanding. Everything was explained to us in detail, support provided to us was outstanding. I would recommend Manipal Fertility to anyone who wants to experience the delight of parenthood.

Mr. & Mrs. Sarkar (Bangalore)

Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala and their staff for their support, kindness throughout the treatment. I never came across any difficulty and the days few quickly. Dr. Bina and Dr. Nirmala are at par equally good which I felt they are God’s gift to people who are thirsting for baby. They are excellent and their kindness is awesome. I have no words to express how I am over excited that the report has come positive. I wish them all success throughout their career. I even thank God for guiding us to Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala.
My sincere thanks Dr. Bina, Dr. Nirmala and their staff.

Mr. & Mrs. Nahata (Bangalore)

Dear Dr. Roopa P,
My wife and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your staff for everything that was done to help us achieve our dreams of having a child. Words cannot express our gratitude to you and your staff for the support and care that was given to us. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to you for the support guidance and expertise which was a boost to my wife’s confidence, also the lady who donated her oocyte to my wife helping us to have a chance of parenthood

Dr. Dutta (name changed) (Indore)

I wanted to write a short letter to express my thanks for the care I have received from your staff and yourself at the IVF centre at – CHL hospital, Indore.
In particular I would like to say a big “Thank You” to your self, for being extremely helpful, caring, supportive and informative with me about the IVF procedure at your centre in Indore.

Mr. & Mrs. Khatri (Jaipur)

सेवा में,
श्रीमान मैनेजर साहब,
सोनी मणिपाल, अंकुर,
विद्याधर नगर, सेक्टर-5,
मेन सीकर रोड, जयपुर
मैंने आपके यहां से IVF/ ISCI करवाया है, जिससे कि मुझे और मेरी Wife को संतान प्राप्त हुई है। अभी वो प्रेगनेंट है और 3 तीन बच्चे हैं। 8 Week के सभी सकुशल हैं। मुझे यहां के डाॅक्टर साहिबा डाॅ. शिखा जी के द्वारा Treatment मिला, जिससे कि हम संतुष्ट हैं और मुख्य बात यहां का स्टाफ बेहद अच्छा है। इनका व्यवहार और कार्य कौशल बहुत अच्छा लगा और Treatment के दौरान इन्होंने हमारा साथ दिया और दिमागी तौर पर विश्वास बनाया, जिससे हमें Treatment के दौरान विश्वास और भी मजबूत हुआ और आखिर में हमें IVF/ ISCI के द्वारा संतान प्राप्त हुई।

Mr. & Mrs. Biswa (name changed) (Assam)

Thank you very much! After coming back to Assam, my wife became pregnant because of the medication at Manipal Fertility. She is in her fourth month and undergoing consultation with a local gynaecologist here. We have stopped the medication prescribed now. Please mail us in case of any further suggestions.

Mr. & Mrs. Bhushman

Our constant prayers for along and healthy life to you: and we are sure that you will continue to touch the lives of many who need your support.

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