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Who Will Benefit?

a) If you are over 35 years, the biological clock reduces the egg numbers, as well as the quality with increasing age. These increasing egg abnormalities predispose elderly women (>35yrs) to have abnormal embryos.
It is known that 40-60% of the embryos created through IVF are genetically abnormal (even in younger women).

b) 2 or more pregnancy loss/abortions/ miscarriage
c) 2 or more failure with IVF, especially when you were told everything was normal, but still it failed.
d) In women who have had abnormalities during pregnancy in the baby.
e) Severe male factor infertility, poor sperm movement, defective sperms or high DNA in sperm
Theoretically, testing the embryos to see if they are genetically normal before transferring them into the uterus to implant will increase the probability of a pregnancy by eliminating the abnormal embryos and selecting the normal ones for transfer, ensures a successful pregnancy and a healthy child.

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