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Advanced Semen Analysis – ASA

Advanced Semen Analysis System

Manipal Fertility’s andrology laboratory uses the Advanced Semen Analysis (ASA) system. Ours is the first system in the country. This automated system provides a detailed analysis of density, percent motility, curvilinear and straight-line velocities beat cross frequency and amplitude of lateral head displacement of spermatozoa. Besides the computerized report, information on morphology, number of immature cells and white blood cells and other routine assessment is provided. This powerful tool helps us in counseling the couple as to which method of treatment is best suited for them. Couples undergoing preliminary work up for infertility, patients with male factor infertility, unexplained infertility and repeated failed attempts at Advanced Reproduction benefit from ASA. ASA system is a necessary instrument to standardize all the parameters of sperm analysis, and also to approve the internal and external quality controls. Computer-assisted techniques are most often used for the assessment of sperm concentration and motility following the W.H.O criteria. To assess motility, different types of spermatozoa have to be analysed: “a” (fast progressive motility), “b” (low progressive motility), “c” (non progressive motility) and “d” (immotile). For the morphology analysis, there are different options of classification criteria such as W.H.O, Kruger or user defined. Also, different staining solutions can be used for a better visualization and capture of images in different species. Nowadays, ASA systems are not only considered as an eventuality but as a reality.

Semen Analysis Test

  • Sperm concentration in mill/ml
  • Concentration of progressively motile sperm in mill/ml
  • WHO motility grades a, b, c, d in percent (old classification)
  • WHO motility progressive / local / immotile in percent (new classification)
  • VCL (curvilinear velocity) in μm/sec
  • VSL (straight-line velocity) in μm/sec
  • VAP (average path velocity) in μm/sec
  • WOB (wobble = VAP/VCL)
  • ALH (amplitude of lateral head displacement) in μm

Display / calculation of:

  • Exact morphometry data for each individual sperm
  • Total number of analyzed sperm cells
  • % normal forms
  • % head abnormalities
  • % midpiece abnormalities
  • % tail abnormalities
  • % abnormalities of head and midpiece
  • % abnormalities of head and tail
  • % abnormalities of midpiece and tail
  • % abnormalities of head, midpiece and tail

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