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ED Screening

ED Screening

Female Fertility Assessment

Female fertility Assessment

Male Fertility Assessment

Male fertility Assessment

Mens Sexual Health Assessment

Mens Sexual Health Assessment

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There are many different factors that can affect the fertility of both women and men. Even if you are not currently trying for a baby you may be wondering, or have concerns about your fertility health. There are various screening tests that can be done to evaluate fertility for both women and men.
At Manipal Fertility we offer a Fertility Assessment to look at some of these key issues, hopefully at an early stage when any problems found can be investigated in detail and acted on, (we know from experience that many patients, to their cost, spend several years being slowly investigated and only seek specialist help when time is running out).

Important Note: The Fertility Assessment is designed to give an indication of lifestyle and other health issues, which may have a bearing on an individual’s, or a couples fertility health. The tests are not intended to replace formal comprehensive diagnostic testing, and further diagnostic testing may be advised, once the Fertility Assessment results are known.

Applicable for Manipal Hospital – Bengaluru centre only

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