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Exercise Can Boost Your Fertility Fast. Here’s How.

We all know regular exercise is beneficial for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know exercise can play an important role during conception? We don’t usually hear people recommending exercise to conceive fast or think about it ourselves, surp

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Egg Freezing – A Smart Option of Preserving Fertility

From time immemorial, women have had to face the anxiety and fear of missing out on motherhood unless they conceive early. As more women have started focusing on building their own career and identity, the dream of a suc

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The biological clock and Indian women

A baby girl is born with a genetically determined number of eggs in her ovaries. The unborn baby has the highest number of eggs (7 million) around mid- pregnancy. These are constantly being destroyed such that by birth she has around 12 million eg

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Infertility in India- much ado about nothing?

Is Infertility really a big problem In India?

Defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after 1 year of unprotected intercourse, infertility affects 10-14% of the Indian populat

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Nutrition and Fertility: How Important is Your Diet for Pregnancy?

You must have heard that a healthy lifestyle is necessary for both partners while planning to conceive. But a fertility diet also plays a very important role in preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy and boosting one’s fertility. Since f

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